(ENGLISH)AIS WEEK 2022!! (February 25~28th, 2022) A Session schedule is CHANGED!

■ Outline of the event

The Architectural Informatics Society (AIS) will hold the “Architectural Informatics WEEK 2022” over four days from Friday, February 25 to Monday, February 28, 2022.
The event will bring together events initiated by the various committees and will include a general assembly of the Society on the last day.
There will be round table sessions (Annual Academic Conference) and the Architectural Informatics Student Review, where you can see the results of research and discussions by members of the Society.

■ Message from the President

Welcome to Architectural Informatics WEEK 2022!
The Architectural Informatics Society (AIS), which started its activities in 2020, has been actively seeking new forms of online-based academic exchange activities in a context characterized by fast-paced social transformation through digitalization.
On the occasion of the first year of the conference, we are organizing a new type of academic exchange activity, which will be called “Architectural Informatics WEEK”. The details can be found in the program on this website, but all of the events are filled with the latest developments in building informatics and the passion of our members who study and practice building informatics.
The live streaming of the conference is open to all, not limited to members of AIS, so please feel free to drop by each program for a glimpse of the current state of Architectural informatics. Members will be able to watch the recordings on the members-only page after the conference.
We hope you will take this opportunity to look forward to the further development and promotion of the field of Architectural Informatics.

Yasushi Ikeda, AIS president



■All day: Trends in Architectural Informatics UPDATE!

In the ever-expanding field of Architectural informatics, there are hot keywords whose boundaries and definitions are still blurred. However, these cannot be overlooked as mere trends, allowing us to host experts who will talk about their connections and possibilities with the field of Architectural informatics.
Date: 25-28 February on YouTube, after that it will be open only to members of the AIS.
A video teaser will be available before the start of the “AIS WEEK”.

Main part:https://youtu.be/D3MnV9jUubENEW!
1) Subtitle
Urgent Logic 02 “Metaverse and Architectural Informatics”
2) Speakers:
Takayuki Fukatsu (THE GUILD CEO),
Prof. Jun Rekimoto (Professor, Interfaculty Initiative in Information Studies, The University of Tokyo / Fellow, Deputy Director of Research, Sony Computer Science Laboratories, Inc. )
Teaser trailer:https://youtu.be/UIz8rbaP6Es NEW!

■DAY 1: Annual Academic Conference UPDATE!

The Round Table Session is a new conference format designed to shift the focus of academic exchange from the traditional focus on research presentations to a focus on discussions on specific themes proposed by AIS members. Each session will consist of up to four panelists, including the session organizer, who has a strong interest in the topic. The participants will have 60 minutes to discuss the topic prepared by the session organizer. We expect in-depth discussions and exchanges of opinions on topics suitable for the development and advancement of architectural informatics that is not made available elsewhere. The discussion will be recorded and made accessible to the AIS members.

Date: 25-27 February on Zoom Webinar, after that archive will be open only to members of the AIS.
Place: ZOOM webinar
Program: https://ais-j.org/aac-time/ One of the session schedule is changed!

■DAY 2-2: Architectural informatics student review 2021 UPDATE!

We will organize research presentations for students to share their research on “Architectural Informatics”.
Please come and see the presentations by promising young talents on graduation research and design, master’s thesis and design, and postgraduate research and design.
The presentations will be judged by members of the various committees of the AIS, and the results of the Best Presentation Awards will be announced at the General Assembly on Monday 28 February.

Date and time: Saturday, 26 February 2022, 8:15-18:30
Place: ZOOM webinar (pre-registration is required to attend)
To register for the webinar form: CLOSED

■DAY 3-2: Freshman Camp

We will hold a “Freshman Camp” for the new academic year.
The AIS has been promoting opportunities to learn a wide range of knowledge and skills about “Architectural Informatics” and to share know-how. In the coming academic year, we are planning to hold a new type of activity, a short intensive workshop “festival” in April. At the “Freshman Camp”, the training activities committee members will review the past “Sessions” and discuss what kind of learning opportunities the new “festival” will provide. This is a good place to start your introduction to “Architectural Informatics”, including students who have not yet been exposed to the activities of the AIS!

Date and time: Sunday, 27 February 2022, 18:00-19:30
Place: YouTube LIVE Viewing URL (open to all) NEW!
 - 18:00-18:30 Review of this year’s Session
 - 18:30-19:30 Overview of the festival and discussion
 So Sugita (Hiroshima Institute of Technology / Saburo Sugita Architect Office)
 Yuko Ishizu (GEL Co., Ltd.)
 Keiichiro Taniguchi (University of Tokyo / Studio Nora)
 Takeru Yanagawa (HAB Inc.)
 Teruyoshi Inasaka (Chiba Institute of Technology)
 Satoshi Yamada (Ritsumeikan University)
 Satoshi Sugihara (ATLV)
 Masaaki Matsuoka (Takenaka Corporation)

■DAY 4-2: The first of Lecture Series “Toward Architectural Informatics”

This lecture series is designed to unravel the debate on architecture and to connect it to wider and richer society. Architectural Informatics is a discipline that takes a more cross-disciplinary, dynamic and expansive view of architecture. Based on a continuous awareness of the issues raised by the “Preparatory Meeting for the Architectural Informatics Society” (10+1 website) and the three activities of “Learn / Make / Connect” in Chapter 2 of the book “Towards Architectural Informatics”, we will continue our discussions across different disciplines and specialties, aiming to create a network of knowledge.

Date and time: Monday, 28 February 2022, 19:00-21:00
Place: You Tube LIVE Viewing URL(open to all) NEW!
Program: https://ais-j.notion.site/ad562dd803f14976b9be8699168583d9