“Architectural Informatics Society WEEK2023” has ended!!

■Special project “KEYNOTE”

Public release period: Sunday, March 4, 2023 to Tuesday, March 7, 2023
March 5, 2023 (Monday) 19:00-20:00 YouTube LIVE distribution
In this year’s WEEK special project “KEYNOTE”, we will interview three architects under the theme of “Physical Architecture”.
“Physical” is a coined word that combines physical and digital to describe the state in which the physical environment and the information environment are fused. As the integration of physical environment construction and information environment construction is accelerating in architecture, Marjan Colletti (March 5th, 19:00~ 20:00 LIVE distribution), Güvenç Özel (open to the public on YouTube during the period), Mark Foster Gage (open to the public on YouTube during the period) is the purpose of
*If you turn on the YouTube subtitles, you can use the translated Japanese subtitles for the published videos.
* After the WEEK period ends, it will be open to members only.


Answers accepted during WEEK!
Architectural Informatics Society CENSUS is a survey program for a wide range of people, including practitioners, students, and researchers.
Both members and non-members can respond. The purpose is to clarify the current state of architectural informatics from the status of daily work and research activities, and to gain insight into its development and development. The answer is around 15 minutes. Please feel free to share your frank opinions about your own environment and interests.
Bonus NEW! for those who cooperated in answering
From the Building Information Society White Paper 2021-2022 to all respondents
We will deliver the URL of the expert essay (Part 2) limited to supporting members Gold and Platinum at a later date.

Also, on Saturday, March 4, after the student review was finished, a session was held for CENSUS to respond on the spot. For a detailed explanation of CENSUS, including the evaluation method, please see the video.
Reply to CENSUS 2023: https://forms.gle/n1DGF223T2aBihxK7
Archived video: https://www.youtube.com/live/ MazJTnjou_Y?feature=share
Speakers: Akiyoshi Inasaka, Ruri Natsuki

■ Architectural information student review Winners announced! NEW!

March 4, 2023 (Sat) 8:30-18:30 Zoom Webinar *Finished
We will hold a student research presentation on “Architectural Informatics”. Please take a look at the energetic presentations of young talent, such as graduation research/design, master’s thesis/design, undergraduate/graduate school research/design.
An excellent presentation award will be awarded after screening by the board members and committee members of the Institute of Building Information.
Presentation Program: Student Review Program PDF< /a>
Attendance Registration: Closed
NEW! Award winners announced! https://ais- j.org/sr2022/

■Challenge Final Review Part 2 + Fes 2023 Announcement

March 4, 2023 (Sat) 21:00-22:00 YouTube LIVE distribution
We will hold the 2nd Final Review of Challenge, which was held from November 10th to December 8th last year. Challenge is an activity of the development activity committee that allows participants to participate in the challenge of designing a “collective housing” using content-generating AI by posting the created work on Instagram. This time, following last year’s Final Review, Professor Keita Kato (Chiba University) and participants will take the stage to discuss the production process and content generation AI.
Also, since it is scheduled to be held in April this year, we will also announce Fes2023.
Watch: https://youtube.com/live/Cw0vDlyUj2s?feature=share

■ Annual Conference Round Table Session

March 5th (Sun) to 7th (Tue), 2023 9:00-21:00 YouTube LIVE distribution
Round table sessions will be held over three days. This session is a traditional academic exchange centered on research presentations.
A new form of conference that is conscious of shifting from academic exchanges centered on discussions on specific themes proposed by members.
formula. Each session will have up to four panelists with a strong interest in the topic, including the session organizer.
Have a 60-minute discussion on a topic prepared by the session organizer.
We look forward to in-depth discussions and exchanges of opinions on themes that are suitable for the development and enlightenment of architectural informatics. The discussion will be recorded and made available to members.
There will be 13 sessions this year.

*Archives are only open to members

finished program
All programs have ended

◇DAY 0 (Friday, March 3)
■ Japan Society for Building Information Annual General Meeting
■ Japan Society for Building Information WEEK2023 Eve Event
◇DAY 1 (Saturday, March 4)
■Architectural Information Student Review 2022
■CENSUS LIVE session
■Challenge Final Review Part 2 + Fes2023 Announcement
◇DAY 2 (Sunday, March 5)
■ Annual Academic Conference Round Table Session (5 sessions)
■ Special project “KEYNOTE” Talk LIVE with Marjan Colletti
◇DAY 3 (Monday, March 6)
■ Annual Academic Conference Round Table Session (5 sessions)
◇DAY 4 (Tuesday, March 7)
■Annual Academic Conference 3 sessions
■Closing Session