Fes 2023, a short-term intensive online workshop, is completed!

“Fes” is a short-term intensive online workshop that started last year.
With architectural information as the subject, we aim to create opportunities for participants with various backgrounds to think and output about architecture and information.
It consists of two parts: THINKING by working adults and CODING+MAKING by students.

The other day, “Fes 2023” was held from June 9th to 16th.
You can watch the “Fes2023 CODING+MAKING Presentation” from the following YouTube

For details on the schedule and content, please see the Fes website.
https://ais-j.notion.site/Fes-2023 -87f74137c00e4ee99d7c85e9e842426f

Application Information

PeriodJune 9th (Fri) – June 16th (Fri)June 9th (Mon) – June 16th (Fri)

THINKING (for adults) CODING+MAKING (for students)
Conditions Anyone can apply General member, student member, or supporting member of the Institute of Building Information, Japan
Registration Finished Finished
Application Deadline 5/26 (Fri) 6/2 (Fri)
Participants Architect or Designer or Computational Designer Those who are interested in computational design, such as architecture students and working adults
Participation fee Free Free
Number of applicants 1 group 1-4 people
Up to 6 groups
1 group 3-4 people
Up to 6 groups
Assignments “Thinking about collective housing” “Designing an apartment house”
issue details With the spread of the Metaverse and digital twins, various ways of “gathering” are being created, and the meaning and value of “gathering” are diversifying. Think of an apartment complex of this era. In addition to the parameters and site that are important for designing the housing complex, please propose the “five steps” that CODING + MAKING will practice and facilitate, including the technical aspects. Design an apartment complex using the parameters and “five steps” given by THINKING. If it is designed using what THINKING proposes, it is OK to develop architecture, space, or the process of designing games and apps.
10 minute presentation Video within 140 seconds + 5 minute presentation