Can I change my status of a sponsoring member?

Yes, you can upgrade your sponsoring membership status by paying the difference.
In this case, the expiration date (end date) of your membership status will not change. Kindly be aware that downgrading (for example, changing from Gold membership to Silver membership) is not possible.

If I am a general member, is it possible to swich from monthly to annual payments?

Due to the current system limitations, only monthly payments by credit card are accepted, but the secretariat can issue receipts on a yearly basis.
If you require this, please send an email to the secretariat. (Architectural Informatics Society Secretariat: secretary@ais-j.org)

I plan to become a sponsoring member, but I have registered as a provisional general member.

Please include your registered email address in the list for sponsoring member registration and your status will be updated accordingly.

I did not receive an email when I registered.

 If you do not receive the email, please check
  if the email is delivered to a spam mailbox, or
  if you are unable to receive the email due to insufficient capacity in your inbox.

Please check your e-mail reception settings and the capacity of your e-mail inbox.
If you need us to resend an email to confirm your email address, please contact us through Contact Us page stating that you would like us to resend your a membership registration email.