Membership Details and Procedures

Maintenance Notice
【日時】 2024年04月19日(金)02:55~04:30
*Times may vary depending on maintenance work.

Description] Settlement server maintenance work
Subscription payment services in general
Scope of Impact] All payment processing will be unavailable during the maintenance period.

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Error code: "ER999
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General Member (Personal)

Monthly Subscription ¥700/month (non-taxable)

To become a member (individual) of the Building Information Institute, you must first register for a free account.
For details on membership categories, qualifications, dues and rights, please contactThe Society's Statutes."This is set forth in the following section. Please be sure to read it before joining.

*If you wish to enroll as a student member, please click here to apply for student membership.

Student member (personal)

Annual payment only 1,200 yen/year (non-taxable)
Expires one year from the time of registration.

Supporting member (corporate)

Various special offers are available for corporate clients and organizations. Please refer to the following documents for details.
To apply for a Supporting Membership, please fill out the Supporting Membership Application Form in the document and send it to the Society's Secretariat. (The secretariat of the Architectural Institute of Japan