Report on Special Meet Up (7/28) for Supporting Members

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The Architectural Institute of Japan (AIJ) has been operating primarily online, with the Corona disaster as a backdrop. However, we recognize that this format, which is primarily based on online communication, makes it difficult for those who do not use social networking and other tools on a daily basis to obtain information about the conference, and that the situation needs improvement from an interaction perspective. For our supporting members, the event provided an opportunity to connect with other companies and share valuable information.

Event Summary
Date: Friday, July 28, 18:00-21:00
Location: TIME SHARING Shibuya Aoyama-dori 3F
Participation fee: 1000 yen

  • Introduction of AIS activities (Chairman Ikeda, Vice Chairman Shide)
  • Introduction to the White Paper on AIS 2022-2023 (Research Activities Committee, Ikemoto)
  • Topics in AIS's 2022-2023 White Paper!
  • Job Fair Announcement
  • informal social gathering

A total of 31 people from 13 supporting member companies and delegates and committees attended this event.
The event began with an introduction of AIS activities and an overview of this year's "White Paper on Architectural Informatics 2023". We believe that this was an opportunity to learn new information and details, especially for those who have only had an overview of our activities through our monthly newsletter.
The participants were then divided into several groups and had time to exchange information with each other. Many meaningful exchanges took place as participants shared information about their respective jobs and activities, as well as their hopes and expectations for the conference. At the social gathering, it was impressive to see how many participants actively interacted with others and formed new networks. It was also an opportunity to realize once again that many people are looking for a place for this kind of exchange. The Exchange Committee will continue its activities to meet your expectations and further strengthen the building informatics community.

List of Participating Companies
The following 13 companies participated in this event. (in alphabetical order)
YKK AP Corporation, Azusa Sekkei Inc., Obayashi Corporation, and Kajima Corporation,
Structural Planning Institute Corporation, Takenaka Corporation, and Nikken Sekkei Ltd,
Nippon Sekkei Inc., Hololab Inc. and Yasui Architects & Engineers, Inc,
Yamaguchi Heavy Industries, Ltd. and Unity Technologies Japan, Inc,
VIC Corporation

Organized by: Exchange Activities Committee