"White Paper 2021-2022," Architectural Informatics Society

As a complement to agile communication in the Building Information Society, we have published a White Paper, a condensed record of relevant trends since the Society's founding.
We have seriously discussed ways to document the current state of architectural informatics and have developed a fixed-point observation format that can be continued for many years to come. We would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere gratitude to everyone who contributed to this white paper through writing, interviews, and surveys.

Part 1 of the white paper, which is an interview with leading experts in the field from three perspectives in order to define architectural informatics, will be made widely available to people inside and outside the association in light of its purpose.

At the same time, in addition to the content of this report, the "Census of the Institute of Building Information Science" as a fixed-point observation, a review discussion of the entire white paper, etc. will be available online for general members (on the members page).

Table of Contents (titles omitted)

  • Special Feature: Part I. Acquisition of Architectural Informatics Perspective

    • The approach to human beings that cross-disciplinary academic societies should aim for" T. Nishida
    • Toward the Social Interaction of Informatics, Architecture, and the City" Hiroshi Ezaki
    • How to connect existing frameworks and new areas from construction management" Shuzo Furusaka
  • Part II: A Practical Perspective

    • The Possibility of Architecture from the Geometry of Fashion and Biology" Yuta Shimoda
    • The Development of Tool Development and the Engineers Who Play a Role" Yuko Ishizu
    • Artificial Intelligence in Cities, Consciousness in Cities, Artificial Intelligence in Games" Yoichiro Miyake
    • The Value of Data and the Future from a Metaverse Platformer's Perspective" Naoto Kato
    • Diversity and Symbiosis Brought about by XR" Kiyoshi Kiyokawa "Urban Behavior and Data: The Potential of Urban Science" Yuji Yoshimura
    • Contemplating "Meta Works" from the Possibilities Found in Distributed Online Events" KOBAYASHI Shigeru
    • Digital Transformation of the Region" Yasushi Fujii
    • Project PLATEAU: Urban Digital Twin in the process of social implementation" Yuya Uchiyama
    • Social Norms in the Metaverse: Possibilities and Challenges" Mitsuhiro Takemura
    • Web 3.0 Overview: Blockchain, NFT, DAO, Incentive Design, and the Basis of Oracle Issues" Taihei Shusei
    • Legal Issues in Creating and Using 3D Urban Models" Yu MIZUNO
    • Architectural Information and Profession" by Sayaka Nishino
  • Report on Building Information Institute 2021-2022 and others

White Paper 2021-2022 by the Institute of Building Informatics
White Paper on Architectural Informatics Society
Vol. 1
Issued August 31, 2022

Senior staff writer
White Paper Editorial Task Force, Survey Research and Editorial Committee, Architectural Institute of Japan
Keisuke Toyoda Osamu Ishizawa