"White Paper 2022-2023," Architectural Informatics Society

Continuing on from last year, we have published this year's edition of the "White Paper of the Architectural Informatics Society," a booklet that condenses the activities and noteworthy trends of the society as a book channel for various communications in the Architectural Informatics Society.

In addition to documenting the current state of architectural informatics, we also provide a polyphonic portrayal of a number of topics connected to architectural informatics through discussions and debates among many people. We would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere gratitude to all those who have contributed in various ways, including writing, interviews, and surveys.

Part 1 of the white paper, which is an interview with leading experts in the field from three perspectives in order to define architectural informatics, will be made widely available to people inside and outside the association in light of its purpose.
In addition to this content, the content for members includes the "Census of the Architectural Informatics Society" as a fixed-point observation, a review of the white paper as a whole, and other discussions. The "Special Feature Part II," which includes various latest trends, will be distributed in advance to the above Gold and Platinum supporting member companies, and will be made available to members only after one year has passed. Please take this opportunity to consider becoming a member.

Table of Contents (titles omitted)

  • Special Feature: Part I. Acquisition of Architectural Informatics Perspective
    • "Next Generation Technology and Architectural and Urban Information" Tomoya Yashiro
    • "The City from the Perspective of Body Informatics" Masahiko Inami
    • "Digital Society and the Digital World" Manabu Miyasaka
  • Part II: A Practical Perspective
    • "Interactivity of Architectural Space from the Viewpoint of Mathematical Modeling" Yudai Honma
    • "Transitions in Architectural Production," Gaku Shinohara
    • "Parametric Design with Quasi-Periodic Tiling," Tatsuki Hayama
    • "The Mingling of Time and Space, and Sound Itself" Kazuhiro jo
    • "Green Transition (Gx) and Building Informatics" Norihisa Kawashima
    • "Circular Economy and Building Information" Tadafumi Azuno
    • "Architecture and Metaverse" Takashi Nakazaki
    • "Network State: Possibilities for New Countries and Cities Born from Internet Connections," Mai Fujimoto
    • "The current situation on the eve of the popularization of 3D printers for construction and changes in the ecosystem for the construction industry" Takuya Iwamoto
    • Democratization of Technology and Open Source" Shinnosuke Fujita
    • "Toward an Information Environment that Cares, Chen Dominique.
    • "Practice of DAO in the Field of Architectural Informatics," Yasushi Sakai
    • "Smart Cities and Smart Buildings," Takashi Kasuya
    • "Space for Virtual Natives" by Kanna Banjo (Kazuaki Hattori)
  • Keywords by Architectural Informatics 2022-2023
  • Architectural Informatics Society 2022-2023 Report, etc.

White Paper 2022-2023
White Paper on Architectural Informatics Society
Vol. 2
Issued September 1, 2023

Senior staff writer
White Paper Editorial Task Force, Research and Activities Committee, Architectural Informatics Society
Tsukasa Ishizawa, Keisuke Toyoda, Keiichiro Taniguchi, Eri Sumitomo, Shoko Ikemoto