Is it possible to change the status of a Supporting Member midstream?

It is possible. You can upgrade your membership status by paying the difference.
In such cases, the expiration date (termination date) of the membership status will not change. Please note that downgrades, such as changing from Gold to Silver membership, cannot be handled.

If I am a general member, is it possible to change to an annual lump-sum payment?

Due to system reasons, credit card payment is only available for monthly payment.
If you are a general member and wish to make a one-time annual payment, please check the URL below and submit your application via Google Form.

Can I get a receipt for my membership dues?

Receipts can be issued for the period for which payment has been made (either for the entire year or on a monthly basis).
Please use in conjunction with the regulations of your university, employer, laboratory, etc.
If you wish to receive a receipt, please contact the secretariat with the following information.
Building Information Institute Secretariat secretary@ais-j.org
Subject: Receipt request
Text: Membership number, name, name of the person to whom the receipt is addressed, and the period for which the receipt is to be issued.
Please let us know if you need to issue the form monthly for the period from Fat Month to Fat Month due to your university or other reasons.

Is sales tax charged on membership fees?

Membership dues are not subject to sales tax.

I plan to become a supporting member, but I have registered as a provisional member.

Please include your registered email address in the list for supporting member registration and your status will be overwritten.

I did not receive an email when I registered.

If you do not receive an email, the following factors may be responsible
  If you receive a message in your spam mail box
  When you cannot receive mail due to insufficient space in your inbox
Please check your email receiving settings and the capacity of your email inbox.
If you would like us to resend an e-mail confirming your e-mail address, please contact us through Contact Us, stating that you would like us to resend your membership registration e-mail.