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建築情報学会では、情報技術・理論と建築・都市の関係に関する知の共有と体系化に資する学術論文の投稿を受け付けています。投稿いただいた原稿は、厳格な査読をし、審査を通過した査読付き論文として、建築情報学会論文集「Journal of Architectural Informatics Society」に掲載いたします。

In order to disseminate the results of research in Japan to the world at large, the papers in this collection are written in English and published in an open-access online journal.J-StageThe journal will be published at In order to ensure the quality of the peer review process, preprints (papers at the stage of completion before being reviewed) and the reviewer's written review will be made available to the public during the peer review process.

May 10, 2021 Submissions will be accepted

Journal of Architectural Informatics Society

first issue Year 2021
Contents Content that fully understands the purpose of building informatics and is of academic or applied value
number of issues 4 times a year
October (deadline: April 10), January (deadline: July 10)
April (deadline: October 10), July (deadline: January 10)
copyright Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International
contribution free
Publication Fee 30,000 yen


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